Manufacturing Control Systems

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  • Crane Performance Siding
  • Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.
  • the Timken Company
  • Tring Corporation
  • Corning
  • Gradall Industries, Inc.

Manufacturing Control Systems

Our manufacturing control systems are designed to control your machine with efficiency, meeting your high standards.There is a uniqueness to a a high standard by which you place your products in today's marketplace. To meet these needs at top efficiency requires electrical manufacturing control systems designed specifically for you.
Our team of experts can develop efficient manufacturing control systems ranging from basic pushbutton and relay logic to programmable logic controllers (PLC's) and computer based solutions. We offer you an extensive range of application experience along with a wide variety of problem solving methods. Our diverse background experience allow us to consider several proven application solutions in order to meet your specific needs. Our highly experienced team is also capable of developing systems for data acquisition and reporting, and screen based operator interface systems.